an atelier for architectural design

About Us

an atelier for architectural design

an atelier for architectural design is a boutique design studio based in jakarta. our team comes from multiple design discipline and experience, to specialize in tailoring your project with style and substance.

For us designing is like creating a lifestyle. Not only for private project but also for lots of commercial project. Many people came to us, explaining what they need and want. Through conversation, we are able to configure the desired lifestyle. Concept is the key for the design, describing the whole design experience in the most simplistic form. While design element is supporting value for the concept realization.

Our value comes from our approach to each project. Every client have different value, and vision. Hence our approach for every project differ each client. We always try to portray personal stories and context inside the project. Because for us, regardless the design style, the most important part is we want to see our design with the client inside.

Our team is compact with small number of people from multiple disciplinary. Only by that, we are able to create a personal connection with our client from the design conceptual to design execution phase.

Our Boutique studio is small but we are always blessed to have work with the most talented and passionate people.